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Park Aerospace Corp. (“PAC”) is Park’s new advanced composite prepreg and parts manufacturing and design facility located in Newton, Kansas. The PAC facility contains approximately 90,000 square feet of composite materials and parts manufacturing and laboratory space and is equipped for prototype development to production. The facility has a 7,500 square foot
clean room outfitted with computerized ply-cutting and laser projection ply-locating systems. A separate area, complete with a 5-axis router, is dedicated to core cutting and preparation. Th e facility’s curing capabilities range up to 850°F for autoclave curing and up to 500°F for oven (out of autoclave) curing. Upon completion, parts are trimmed on a second 5-axis router and finished in the assembly area in accordance with the customers’ specific requirements.

Fabrication Equipment and Capabilities:

  • Two Computerized Cutting Tables
  • Laser Ply Projection Systems
  • Two Autoclaves (up to 6’ x 20’)
  • Multiple Ovens (up to 12’ x 8’ x 45’)
  • Two 5-Axis Routers
  • Chemical, Physical and Mechanical Test Laboratory

Park works with its customers on:

  • Quick-turn projects which may require innovative tooling techniques
  • Short schedule projects where our material capabilities result in lead times measured in weeks instead of months
  • Large production runs

Low-Volume and Quick Turnaround Tooling

Park’s objective is to use its design, materials and manufacturing expertise to assist its customers in developing the best possible solutions for their aerospace requirements.

Design, Analysis and Build to Print

As a developer and manufacturer of both advanced composite materials and parts, Park has a unique position in the aerospace industry.


Park’s in-depth knowledge of composite materials and their properties enhances Park’s ability to design and manufacture composite structures.