Park’s Advanced Composite Materials Product Forms

Prepregs are a combination of continuous reinforcing fibers that are “preimpregnated” with thermoset or thermoplastic organic resin matrices. Thermoset resins are more commonly used and by far, epoxy is used far more than all other matrices.

  • Biaxial woven and multi-axial stitch-bonded fabrics, non-woven and needle punched fabrics
  • Unidirectional tape
  • Surfacing films
  • Broad areal weight range capability
  • Precision slitting
  • Sheeting
  • Chopped molding compounds

Prepreg forms include:

  • Fabrics, which are also referred to as “Broadgoods”. Fabrics are often chosen for ease of handling and are available in many forms, including woven, non-woven, single layer and multi-layer.
  • Unidirectional fiber ribbons, which are generally referred to as “Unidirectional Tape”. Unidirectional tapes are often chosen because they offer maximum translation of fiber mechanical properties, such as tensile and compression strength. Unidirectional tapes can be made in a variety of weights and thicknesses.

Using prepregs rather than in-line “wet” resin impregnation of fibers can offer significant advantages. Prepregs can have very precisely controlled fiber/resin ratios, highly controlled tack and drape (in the case of thermoset resins), controlled resin flow during the cure process, and better control of fiber placement and angle.

Prepregs can be used in processes that range from hand lay-up to highly automated placement processes such as tape laying and filament winding.

Nelcote™ designs and manufactures a variety of prepreg forms with a versatile range of thermoset resin matrices and fibers to choose from. Just as important, we offer assistance with product selection and design and application assistance to help ensure that our customers are successful.

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