Park’s Advanced Composite Materials – Resin Chemistries

Park’s resin chemistries and prepreg systems are designed to meet specific application requirements. Download the Selector Guide for a comparative listing of standard resins and reinforcements.

  • Epoxy – Structural, self-adhesive, fire retardant, high Tg, low temperature cure and snap cure grades
  • Polyester / Vinyl Ester – Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) formulas. Fast cure cycles
  • Phenolic – High temperature insulation, ablative and mass transportation interior grades
  • High Service Temperature – Bismaleimide (BMI), MDA Free Polyimides and Polysiloxane chemistry
  • RF Speciality – Cyanate Ester, Polybutidiene and other proprietary low dielectric loss chemistry


  • Horizontal and vertical solution coating equipment
  • Stainless reverse roll coating heads for precise resin content control
  • Up to 60″ width
  • Biaxial, triaxial, stitch-bonded, uni-woven, non-woven, and needle punched fabrics
  • Slitting
  • Sheeting
  • Production line dedicated to RF/Microwave grade materials

Unidirectional Tape

  • State of the art hot melt film and tape production equipment
  • Up to 60″ width
  • Low fiber areal weight capability
  • Ability to prepreg heavy carbon tow, i.e., up to 50k
  • Narrow tape slitting capability