Nelco Introduces a 1 – 10 GHz Product Line

Anaheim, CA USA – March 5, 1999 – Nelco International introduces a new SI (Signal Integrity) series of high frequency laminates that operate in the 1- 10 Ghz range. These high frequency products are designed for high speed digital and analog applications including tight tolerance impedance interconnects where signal integrity and wide bandwidth are critical for final system performance. The SI technology lowers the Dk and Df 10-15%, depending on the customer technology requirements, thereby increasing signal speed and integrity.

The SI technology is available in Nelco’s successful N4000-13 200°C Tg low loss epoxy, which is presently used in high speed computers and workstations. The SI technology will also be available in the soon to be released N6000 high-speed APPE system. The N6000 SI product achieves a Dk of 3.3 and a Df of 0.0022 @ 1Ghz and will be available in both prepreg and laminate material configurations.

Nelco International Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Park Electrochemical Corporation (PKE NYSE), is a leading producer of electronic materials including prepregs, laminates, ultra thin materials, continuous lamination, mass lamination and semi-finished multilayers for the global PCB and electronic interconnect markets. Nelco has eight manufacturing sites globally including Nelco / Dielektra in Europe. For additional information, contact U.S. (714) 634-3665.