Nelco Introduces Two Advanced Materials Providing Faster Processing Speeds

Anaheim, CA USA – March 5, 1999 – Nelco International introduces a series of advanced materials for multilayer interconnects that provide higher yields and faster processing speeds for printed circuit board fabrication. The materials are designed for use in a variety of applications including network computers, internet servers, telecommunication interconnects, underhood automotive and work stations.

These applications specific materials include:

a) N4000-6 FC, a high Tg faster curing multifunctional epoxy, and

b) N4000-7, a low CTE epoxy with faster drilling and fast curing properties.

Nelco’s fast processing advanced materials reduce the processing time at the lamination stage up to 33% while providing high yields in the manufacture of fine line, high density printed circuits.

Nelco International Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Park Electrochemical Corporation (PKE NYSE), is a leading producer of electronic materials including prepregs, laminates, ultra thin materials, continuous lamination, mass lamination and semi-finished multilayers for the global PCB and electronic interconnect markets. Nelco has eight manufacturing sites globally including Nelco / Dielektra in Europe. For additional information, contact U.S. (714) 634-3665.