Newton, Kansas, Monday, May 23, 2022…..Park Aerospace Corp. (NYSE-PKE) announced that, at its regular meeting on May 18, 2022, the Company’s Board of Directors authorized the Company’s purchase, on the open market and in privately negotiated transactions, of up to 1,500,000 shares of its Common Stock. This represents approximately 7% of the Company’s 20,458,210 total outstanding shares as of the close of business on May 18, 2022. This authorization supersedes any unused prior Board of Directors’ authorizations to purchase shares of the Company’s Common Stock. There is no assurance the Company will purchase any shares pursuant to this Board of Directors’ authorization. Shares purchased by the Company, if any, will be retained as treasury stock and will be available for use under the Company’s stock option plan and for other corporate purposes.

Park Aerospace Corp. develops and manufactures solution and hot-melt advanced composite materials used to produce composite structures for the global aerospace markets.  Park’s advanced composite materials include film adhesives (undergoing qualification) and lightning strike materials.  Park offers an array of composite materials specifically designed for hand lay-up or automated fiber placement (AFP) manufacturing applications.  Park’s advanced composite materials are used to produce primary and secondary structures for jet engines, large and regional transport aircraft, military aircraft, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs commonly referred to as “drones”), business jets, general aviation aircraft and rotary wing aircraft.  Park also offers specialty ablative materials for rocket motors and nozzles and specially designed materials for radome applications.  As a complement to Park’s advanced composite materials offering, Park designs and fabricates composite parts, structures and assemblies and low volume tooling for the aerospace industry.  Target markets for Park’s composite parts and structures (which include Park’s proprietary composite SigmaStrut™ and AlphaStrut™ product lines) are, among others, prototype and development aircraft, special mission aircraft, spares for legacy military and civilian aircraft and exotic spacecraft.  Park’s objective is to do what others are either unwilling or unable to do.  When nobody else wants to do it because it is too difficult, too small or too annoying, sign us up.