Park Electrochemical Announces Election of Senior Vice President Corporate Development

LAKE SUCCESS, New York, January 10, 2000…Park Electrochemical Corp. (NYSE-PKE) announced the election of Christopher F. Johnson as Senior Vice President-Corporate Development of the company.

Mr. Johnson has been in the electronics materials industry for his entire career. Most recently, as President of Compositech Ltd. located in Hauppauge, New York. Prior to that he was Vice President and General Manager of the Printed Wire Board Products operation of The Dexter Corporation. Mr. Johnson received a Bachelor of Science Degree from Purdue University.

Brian Shore, Park’s President and CEO, said, “We are very pleased that Chris Johnson has elected to join our company as its Senior Vice President of Corporate Development. Chris has very extensive global experience in the electronics materials industry, and we believe Chris will play a critical role in enhancing our company’s strategic position in the global electronics materials markets over the coming years. We are all looking forward to working with Chris and we are delighted that Chris is joining the senior management team of our company.”

Park Electrochemical Corp. (NYSE-PKE) is a leading designer and producer of advanced electronic materials used to fabricate complex multilayer printed circuit boards and interconnection systems. Park’s electronic materials business operates under the “Nelco” name. With 8 fully integrated production facilities in the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia, Park’s Nelco companies produce prepreg, laminates, ultra thin materials, continuous lamination, mass lamination and semi-finished multilayers for the global printed circuit board and electronic interconnect markets. Park also manufactures specialty adhesive tapes and advanced composite materials for the electronics, aerospace and industrial markets. For additional information contact (714) 634-3665 in the United States or see us on the World Wide Web at