Melville, New York, Monday, October 15, 2018… Park Electrochemical Corp. (NYSE-PKE) announces the introduction of RadarWave, an innovative new family of prepreg materials used to manufacture advanced radome systems principally for aerospace and defense applications. RadarWave materials provide cost effective technical alternatives to the esoteric and higher cost materials traditionally used to manufacture advanced radome systems.

Radomes are structural enclosures which protect RF/microwave and other antennas that transmit and receive electromagnetic signals from air, space, marine and ground based platforms. Radomes are used for various aerospace and defense applications. Radomes are constructed with advanced composite materials which are designed and engineered to optimize dielectric performance and minimize electromagnetic signal transmission loss while protecting the antenna and, in some cases, aircraft structural integrity. RadarWave materials exhibit transmissivity properties similar to those of higher cost esoteric materials traditionally used to manufacture advanced radome systems.

Aerospace and defense companies are continuing to develop more advanced and complex air, space, marine and ground based electronics systems with higher speed transmission capabilities. These increasingly advanced aerospace and defense electronics systems require radomes that are designed and engineered with radome materials necessary to accommodate the technical performance needs of these systems. We believe Park’s new and innovative RadarWave prepreg materials provide a more cost effective solution to these increasingly advanced technical radome performance requirements.

For information regarding RadarWave, please contact our Technical Support Team (or Customer Service Team) at Park Aerospace Technologies Corp. by calling +1 316-283-6500. A Technical Data Sheet is available at

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