Park / Nelco Announces New Series of Environmentally Friendly Products

Anaheim, California, January 11, 2000 – Park/Nelco (NYSE-PKE) announced the introduction of it’s new Environmentally Friendly “EF® series of products.

The EF series is designed to bridge the gap between high performance, standard processing and today’s concerns about bromine in the environment. Products are designed to meet or exceed UL 94V-0 requirements. In addition, at least one of the new products will be compatible with the higher soldering temperatures of most lead-free solutions.

Starting with N4000-2 EF, Park/Nelco will continue enhancing the current product line with EF® versions of other popular products such as N4000-6 EF, N4000-13 EF and Resin Coated Copper EF.

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