Park / Nelco Announces UL Recognition of N6000 Product Line

Anaheim, California, October 7, 1999 – Park/Nelco (NYSE-PKE) announced that its high speed, low loss N6000 series multilayer material system has received UL recognition, including 94V-0 flame retardancy classification.

The N6000 system is designed for next generation signal integrity applications such as low loss backplane technology, wide bandwidth network servers and workstations, advanced component technology and cellular interconnects. The N6000 has a Tg of 210°C by DMA and a Dk of 3.4 at 10 GHz. This product is designed to be robust for high speed digital applications in the 1 – 10 GHz range. N6000 is available in both prepregs and laminates, including ultra thin dielectrics. It is also available with SI (Signal Integrity) technology for very high frequency applications. The resin system is a thermosetting allylated polyphenylene ether (APPE) provided under license by Asahi Chemical Industry Co. and is compatible with current multilayer fabrication processes.

Park Electrochemical Corp. (NYSE-PKE) is a leading designer and producer of advanced electronic materials used to fabricate complex multilayer printed circuit boards and interconnection systems. Park’s electronic materials business is operated by its “Nelco” group of companies. With 8 fully integrated production facilities in the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia, Park’s Nelco group of companies produce prepreg, laminates, ultra thin materials, continuous lamination, mass lamination and semi-finished multilayers for the global printed circuit board and electronic interconnect markets. Park also manufactures specialty adhesive tapes and advanced composite materials for the electronics, aerospace and industrial markets.

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